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Practically Intelligent E5: Reliable Software Development with LLMs

In the latest episode of Practically Intelligent, Sinan Ozdemir and Akshay Bhushan chatted with Adam Azzam, PhD, AI Product Lead at Prefect, about the challenges of merging traditional software engineering with AI engineering. We go over why integrating LLMs present such a challenge to many developers, and how Marvin AI, a new open-source tool, can help. We also talk about the concept of Ambient AI and how we can fuse AI into the existing developer lifecycle.

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Take a Generative AI Sabbatical Now

Now is the time for founders and entrepreneurs to lead their organization’s adoption of generative AI and LLMs like GPT-4. Because this development is happening so rapidly, companies must match that same agility and speed while innovating to stay competitive. That’s why you need to take a generative AI sabbatical. This defined reset will force you to radically rethink what’s possible once generative AI becomes mainstream.

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