Built with an ethos of partnership.

Winning Together

While the ethos of partnership extends across the entire Tola ecosystem, our culture of partnership begins at home and the concept of “my deal” does not exist. We always consider how to connect with others for a greater shared outcome.

We build strong relationships with founders – we are always there for tasks as simple as answering a phone call or text, to complex engagements like pulling in an advisor to build a data strategy. Our role is not that of back-seat driver but showing up with the map, providing perspective, and helping to answer big questions that may come up along the way.

Many of our founders have gone on to become our investors and we pride ourselves in our core value – we are all in on partnership and this extends to ourselves, founders, advisors, investors, and everyone with whom we do business.

Adding Value

As highly experienced operators of software businesses, we add value to our portfolio companies by bringing context and learnings to help businesses grow. We are a venture capital partner, working hands-on with companies across the following areas, depending on the need:

Product roadmap
Positioning and messaging
Platform strategy
Competitive strategy
Application of data and machine learning
Partner ecosystem development
Enterprise sales and marketing

We also provide founders with coaching on strategy, talent and landscape analysis, based on trends in the industry, implemented strategies, and observed best practices.

Our Network

Our network extends our team’s expertise and is comprised of technology buyers, technical and developer talent, marketing and sales experts, and leaders at top startups and mega-caps.

Expert Advisor
Our extensive network of advisors has a depth of talent and they roll up their sleeves to work alongside our companies to accelerate growth and development. This extraordinary group of people are the ones you wish you had on your team – the creator of Microsoft PowerBI, one of the first Salesforce product managers, a sales leader from Snowflake, and of course, founders from our portfolio who have walked in your shoes.
Enterprise Leadership Council
Our group of software decision makers within key industries help guide Tola and our portfolio companies in the discovery of important connections and untapped opportunities. This group of software buyers represent the lighthouse accounts and roles that you want to win.

Get to know us. We’re happy to introduce you to founders who can share their experiences in working with us.