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Announcing Tola Capital Magnet 

Attracting ambitious ideas and energizing connections Amy Chen, Director of Community   Hello, world! Tola Capital Magnet (Magnet, for short) is here! Magnet attracts a distinguished community of people, ideas and resources in enterprise and AI software.   Magnet offers space for generating innovative […]

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Diverse Perspectives from Female Leaders  

Tola Capital recently hosted an insightful panel discussion in collaboration with Women in AI Club, featuring accomplished leaders and innovators. The panelists delved into the challenges and opportunities presented by generative AI in the realm of B2B marketing. 

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Practically Intelligent E11: From Decision Support to AI Integration: Navigating BI’s Evolution with Donald Farmer

In episode 11 of Practically Intelligent, we take a look at the dynamic and intricate world of business intelligence (BI) with the esteemed Donald Farmer, a pioneer in BI and the driving force behind Power BI. This episode takes us on a journey through the evolution of BI, from its roots in decision support systems to the burgeoning era of machine learning and the transformative potential of language models.

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