Announcing Tola Capital Magnet 

Announcing Tola Capital Magnet 

Attracting ambitious ideas and energizing connections

Amy Chen, Director of Community  

Hello, world! Tola Capital Magnet (Magnet, for short) is here!

Magnet attracts a distinguished community of people, ideas and resources in enterprise and AI software.  

Magnet offers space for generating innovative MVPs, building meaningful relationships, and spending quality time in high-caliber conversation. With our community, you might be pleasantly surprised by the access to talent, the depth of niche knowledge, the open-mindedness, and the speed of feedback flow.  

Magnet functions as a collection of experiences that feel electric.  

Magnet includes our Advisor Network program which introduces subject matter experts and founders to each other at the right time. It also includes our events for founders, builders and executive practitioners and our podcast with insights from stellar AI entrepreneurs and business leaders. The community is compelling, fun and supportive. Your ambition doesn’t wane in a community where you feel you fit in. 

Gathering researchers, founders, builders, and investors for breakfast on Leap Day 2024 in NYC.

I am the firm’s first Director of Community, and I have the honor of working with the amazing people who make up our community – founders, builders, advisors, subject matter experts, investors, researchers, and more. I’m no stranger to building and leading technical communities, and I’m keen to leverage 12 years of experience to propel Tola’s community forward. From developer communities hacking on NYC Open data to computer vision research challenges with university labs across the US to AI/ML startup demo days with AWS, I’ve always enjoyed creating opportunities for talented people to connect and collaborate on what’s possible for our technology-driven future. 

I’m fired up, since I know that Tola’s community is special. The people, experiences, and perspectives are unique, and we’re deliberate with how we spend time in community.

I joined Tola Capital in the Fall of 2023 because I was enthusiastic about how the firm is committed to growing and strengthening its community and platform efforts.  Established in 2010, Tola Capital is a women-founded firm that believes software drives how the world works, and there are massive markets to compete in to create and sustain value. By taking long-term views on multiple hypothesis areas, including the intersection of AI and security, AI trust and safety, multimodal AI across industries, and productivity and collaboration in the workplace, we think big, influence, and lead.

We show up invigorated and humbled by the opportunity to partner and win together. We bring our operational, technical, and financial expertise to our relationships.  

Creating space in downtown SF for heads of ML to meet each other and discuss complexities of LLMs in production.

Find out what we’re up to and jump into the fray.

Throughout the year, there are Magnet gatherings in the Bay Area, Seattle, New York City, and Boston. You can check out our calendar. We also share what’s top of mind via podcasting (tune in to Practically Intelligent), our LinkedIn page, and our Learn page. If you have an idea for Magnet, I’d be happy to hear from you. Feel free to drop me a note at amy[at]tolcapital.com.